Friday, January 18, 2008

Sora Japanese Cuisine - Detroit Metro Airport

This places was packed with Asian customers that imparted confidence to order raw. I settled on the Great Lake Roll ($18.00) consisting of tuna (raw), white tuna (raw), salmon (raw), cucumber, green bean, avocado, cucumber, topped with masago (smelt eggs/roe).

Japanese food is aesthetics, art, and taste. As you can see, the food was put together with meticulous precision. The combination of tastes was subtle and balanced with no particular flavor overpowering the others. Textures also combined for a perfect marriage. One bite into a roll and the tensions of the workday melted away. And for a bit of variety a dab of wasabi was smeared on with an occasional dip of soy sauce.

Most Japanese food I've had before was the steak, tempura, and noodle offerings. I've had sushi prepared at Chinese buffets but this was the first time I had sushi prepared in a Japanese restaurant. To date, it's the best sushi I've had. To date, it's the best airport food I've had. Other airports should seek to bring this quality in.

If business takes me through this airport in the future, I know what's for dinner.

Sora Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar
Detroit Metro Airport

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