Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Dog Bad Dog - Portland International Airport PDX


The Portland Oregon airport (PDX) is surprisingly small. Having a 4 hour layover allowed me to walk the airport many times in search of a good, different, and cheap food (cheap airport food is an oxymoron).

In search of indigenous food, I stopped at Good Dog Bad Dog, serving various sausages, and noted their most popular offering was the Oregon Smokey ($5.98), a hickory smoked garlicky sausage with cayenne pepper spice.

I was taken aback by several things when my number was called. I thought a mistake was made:
  • The sausage appeared boiled. I was expecting a grilled sausage.
  • Where's the beef? The sausage was lost in the massive sea of bun, like a needle in a hay stack. Serve a sausage that fits the bun.
  • I was expecting an almost foot long sausage at that price. At least I got a break and didn't have to pay tax.
How was the dog? I felt the cayenne heat, which dominated over the garlic and smoky flavors. The bun was unexpectedly good, slightly toasted and fresh. There was a fair sized condiment bar, and I topped the dog with Dijon mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut.

The dog wa overpriced for the quantity and quality. For $5.98, I can get a pound of premium natural casing wieners at the local supermarket that fulfills the hot dog cravings. Call me a sucker for paying $5.98 but I know better next time to stop off at the Wendy's and get a full meal for less.

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