Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Golden Palace - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Golden Palace offers the typical entrees one comes to expect from a Chinese Buffet ($6.96 lunch), serving typical Americanized Chinese food. The one notable exception to the standard offering was the Cha Sui. The pork was pretty decent. On the other hand, the Won Ton soup was a travesty and gives Chinese food a bad name. The Won Ton was a thick chewy wrapping with a just a sliver of brown meat (beef I believe). It was not the typical minced pork meatball one expects in a Won Ton.

Overall, the food was unoriginal and uninspired and average at best. Golden Palace is located in the Cultural District/downtown, amidst a swirl of other restaurants. Unless you're in the must have mood for Chinese, pass on this restaurant. There's a whole lot more opportunities for good food in the District.

Golden Palace
647 Smithfield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

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