Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sushi Kim - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With a name like Sushi Kim, how can you expect this restaurant to not serve Korean and Japanese food? Here I sat, torn between having the Korean buffet or eating Sushi because of the expense account.

And here I sat at the sushi bar trying to figure out the menu. The fish was stored sitting atop ice in a small glass in front of the bar. By no means am I anywhere close to being an expert on sushi and sashimi, so I wrestled with what I wanted to go for. I narrowed it down to the sushi boat or the sashimi boat and as you can see, I settled on the sushi boat.

This was an odd meal. The best word to describe the sushi was neutral. It was neither good nor bad. It was like eating sustenance, and I found myself eating to finish off the platter. The soy sauce and wasabi gave the sushi flavor but it didn't enhance it or bring out the flavors of the food. And so I ate it all and left, my mind in a neutral mode after eating the neutral food. I asked if I would return here with my own money. No.

1241 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

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