Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wiener World - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This was a business trip with a great opportunity to try various foods. Being situated in the Cultural District provided a lot of opportunities, maybe too many. As I walked the streets, I had the Blackberry out and did a search on the eateries. Lo and behold, I came upon Wiener World. And it was reviewed by, which gave it a good review.

I ordered the regular hot dog ($1.85) with mustard and onions. The hot dog wasn't outstanding but at least the wiener was the right size for the bun. Maybe it tasted ordinary because I had just stuffed myself two hours earlier at Golden Palace but what I really enjoyed was the homey friendly service and the aura that screamed Americana. This place was about nostalgia and good feelings that hearkened to more innocent days.

It would have been nice to see this place in operation at lunch time and to have tried their other offerings. Maybe I can on my next trip out here...

626 Smithfield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

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