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Boca Chica Restaurant - St Paul, MN

Revisit Jan 14, 2009

The food tasted better than the first go around. I was especially fond of their tacos (10 o'clock) with the flaky taco shell and the pork dish (6 o'clock). They also served small slice of cake topped off with frosting in a bowl, which I thought would be dry but it turned out to creme soaked, delicious, and super moist.

For this all you can eat buffet, all I could eat was 1-1/2 plates worth. And that was forcing myself to finish what I had on the second plate. It must have been the cheese.

Visit 1, Nov 8, 2008

Boca Chica is a Mexican sit down restaurant that offers a lunch buffet ($8.25) Mon - Fri. The selection offered was limited to about 15 different items.

The restaurant is atypical of an ethnic restaurant in that its decor is more upscale than usual. Think of the old Chi-Chi's but more upscale yet comforting and homey. Also they have a parking lot so parking was a breeze in this congested area.

The food trays were placed along tables arranged in an L-shape. The offerings were pasta salad, a tomato based soup with thin noodles-soup of the da, refried beans, rice, pork and vegetable mix stuffed in baguettes, pollo something (stewed chicken), beef taco (deep fried?), shredded/pulled beef dish, cheese enchilada, enchiladas zacatepec, and bunuelos.

Good: The deep fried taco, especially the shell with an almost pie crust flaky structure and texture. The baguette was visually pleasing and fun to eat. The stewed chicken was a good break to cleanse the palate of the heavier foods. The soup was OK and I enjoyed the texture of the noodles in the soup.

Cons: Even though the foods listed above were good, they didn't have zing or a deep down comforting taste. The cheese enchilada tasted "American". The enchiladas zacatepec was tart.

Bottom line: Enjoyable. It would be nice if they offered this on the weekends when I can slow down and savor the food.

11 Cesar Chavez St
St Paul, MN 55107
(651) 222-8499

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