Friday, May 8, 2009

India Palace - Roseville, MN

Two India Palace are in the Twin Cities. Is the food authentic? The waiters were Indian and the clientèle was 30% Indian. I overheard an Indian woman at a table hosting Minnesotans say the food was authentic.

The golden brown wedge at the 11 o'clock position is Bhatura, a fluffy fried bread. Underneath it is Naan, an unleavened bread. Both were good but my preference was for the Bhatura.

At 1 o'clock, the cubes in the orange colored sauce are Paneer Tikka, cheese marinated in yogurt and saffron. The Russet potato looking thing is Gulab Jamun, deep fried milk ball in sweet syrup. The Paneer was on the mild side, not notable in any manner. The Gulab is dessert. It didn't retain any crispiness after soaking in the syrup. One is sufficient to cleanse the palate at meal end. Eating one is just right, eating two is too much.

At 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock are Basmati rice and Alu Gobi - cauliflower and potatoes, respectively. The Gobi tasted of mild curry and again was nothing notable. At 7 o'clock  is both Chicken Curry and Chicken Kashmiri. Although different aesthetically, these two dishes tasted quite similar to each other. At 8 o'clock position is Tandoori Murg, chicken marinated in yogurt, blended with garlic and herbs and barbequed in a Tandoor. This was my favorite and I went back for thirds. I give this one a rating of 9.0.

In the center is Alu Tikki, seasoned potatoes and peas fried in a chickpea batter. This was a mild dish and wasn't crispy after sitting in the buffet tray for awhile.

Vegetable Samosa, stuffed with potatoes and peas. This came out just as I got in line. It was tongue burning hot. It was a non-spicy very filling comfort food. A few of these could be a whole meal.

I enjoyed the food however I was hoping it would have had more kick, which they can spice up for you if you order off the menu.

2570 Cleveland Ave N
Roseville, MN

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