Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wong Kei - London, England

This restaurant is notorious for the rude waiters. I thought they were rude but only a little more so than usually encountered in a Chinese restaurant. Eating at this world famous restaurant, even if for the wrong reason, means another notch on the post!

We spent the day on the subway system at a furious pace going from Big Ben to the Big Eye to Westminster Abbey to the Buckingham Palace to..., seemingly keeping pace with the fast, stressed, and efficient British population. Mission accomplished. It was now time for dinner.

Having eaten at a buffet the night before, we weren't in the mood for buffet. Fish and chips didn't appeal. Nothing British was appealing. We didn't want to eat at the many Middle Easter restaurants. We ate here in the Chinatown for lunch. We were running low on the pounds and we fell back on what we generally know to be true. Chinese food is cheap compared to other foods. And so it was dinner at Wong Kei based upon a recommendation by a local.

The place was packed with Chinese customers. They seemed to be having a grand old time dining. For me? The food wasn't memorable which explains why I can't remember what we ate. I believe we ordered fish hot pot, a pork dish, and? I'm struggling. Also why didn't I take photos?

I liked London but from a food standpoint, it was a grand disappointment. Three restaurants and three thumbs in the middle to thumbs down. The British can't cook and even the Chinese in Britain can't cook.

Wong Kei
41-43 Wardour St
London, W1D 6PY, United Kingdom

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