Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ka Ka Lucky Seafood Restaurant - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ka Ka Lucky is one of the few good restaurants remaining in East Chinatown. Much of the restaurant business has moved north and what remains is comparatively expensive.

One of my favorite meals was here where the locals eat. It isn't the cleanest place nor a place likely to attract tourists but it was bustling with people waiting in line to buy the roasted pork.

Roasted pork and steamed chicken, a chow fun dish, and I don't remember what the last dish is. The roasted pork skin was absolutely out of this world addictive.


Takeout. Roast pork, Char Shiu pork, chicken feet, sweet and sour pork, pork tripe, beef tripe. The lotus root was home cooked.

Bathroom cleanliness: 3.5

Ka Ka Lucky
349 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON

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