Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tea House - Plymouth, MN

Tea House specializes in northern Chinese food, Szechuan in particular. This is the original one, located in a small strip mall in the middle of a residential area.  Tea House has grown to three other locations in the metro area.

All you can eat brunch is offered at $12.95 per person.  One look at the buffet stations was enough to tell us we had to try it.  It was way different from the typical Chinese American buffets.

Beef noodle - the beef was tender and hinted strongly of five spice.  Congee - this was really good stuff, something I wish I could duplicate. A Plate full of goodies: Shanghai pan fried pork buns, Shanghai Scallion pancake, fresh pork buns, etc.   House spicy pig feet - spicy but not too spicy, salty but not too salty, and fall apart fork tender. This was so good I had to get more.

Round 2. The banana leaf wrapped thing is a purple sticky rice with bits of unctuous tender pork to die for. Beef scallion pancake. Meatball.

Round 3.  You can see I still went back for more house spicy pork ft. Szechuan dumplings in chili oil. Spicy bamboo tips, cucumber in chili oil...There was a Round 4 of the pork.

I forget or didn't catch the names of a lot of offerings. We had many more items not pictured. Most of the offerings were good with some great.

The negative: We couldn't eat as much as we normally do. It was all the dough and the oil. They tack on a 15% mandatory gratiuty for the brunch and to add insult to injury, it was based on the amount including tax, not pretax.

Bathroom cleanliness: 6.8 of 10

88 Nathan Lane
Plymouth, MN 55441

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