Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Akaihana Sushi & Grill - Phoenix, AZ

It was near closing time and I didn't realize it. I struggled through the extensive menu trying to find the just the right entree not realizing they were winding down.

Octopus. Slighty chewy chunks with a hint of sesame. Similar in texture to crocodile.

Yaki Soba. I finally decided on this because I didn't recall having eaten soba noodles before but what came to mind was watching Anthony Bourdain ask a Japanese family if they could have one last meal what it would be. The answer was soba. I liked these noodles but it didn't taste all that different from Chinese egg noodle. The huge chunks of cabbage detracted from the dish.

A lone California roll remains in the middle.  That had to be the best California roll I've ever had with its ample meaty and moist crab filling.  It had been so long since I had a sushi roll where the filling was the predominate ingredient and taste rather than the rice.

Akaihana or Mr. Sushi, its former name, is an out of the way restaurant only the locals are likely to venture.  It's neither trendy nor spectacular but it is solid and place where I could become a regular.

8041 N. Black Canyon HWY Ste 112
Phoenix, AZ 85021-4876
(602) 864-9202

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