Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hero Factory Deli and Catering - Phoenix, AZ

The Hero Factory is like a Subway on steroids with quality ingredients far exceeding Subway offerings. As far as I can tell, the Hero Factory is a family run business by friendly and welcoming family members. It is a meat eater man cave haven for the local young business men.  Obviously its an equal opportunity eatery yet only two women ventured in compared to the 30 plus guys wolfing it down in the short duration I was there.

Factory Special and Italian Wedding soup.

The Factory Special was huge both in length and volume filled with cappicola, salami, pepperoni, provolone topped by lettuce, tomato, onion, Italian seasonings, oil, and vinegar.  A foot long Subway sub by comparison is meager by volume and no challenge to finish but this Hero Factory was a case of the eyes being bigger than the stomach.The Special was really special. Simple ingredients yes but they all melded together for a visual and esophageal feast.

The Wedding Soup with meatballs, past, and spinach was simple but also special, tasting like it was something mom would make although I suspect this was a prepackaged deal because the meatballs were just a little too uniform and symmetrical .  The little meatballs and pasta would have been even more welcome on a cold day rather than in the 100 degree Phoenix heat.  Nonetheless it was  a great compliment to the sub.

I wish there was a Hero Factory back where I live. It would be a regular stomping ground for me.

114  W Adams St
Phoenix, AZ

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