Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 東海海鮮餐廳 - Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Dec 25, 2011. Ocean was packed this evening and we had to wait a few minutes for a table to clear.

The customary complimentary soup. Fairly tasteless

Steam chicken.  Good but not to the level of the chicken we had at The Royal Chinese Restaurant a couple nights ago.

Oyster Hot Pot Malay Style.  I forget the exact name which is a shame because this was the absolute best dish we had during our entire trip!  The oysters were bigger than baby fists and oh so deliciously soaked with spicy sweet zesty flavor.  Surprisingly the vegetables in the dish were ordinary.

Chui Chow style congee.  The fish was deliciously soft but the rest was like eating a bowl of soup in which you just dump in your white rice. 

Western Style Fried Rice.  The bad pick dish of the night. Two things I abhor in fried rice and that's weiners and pineapple.  This dish had both.

Garoupa with Okra and Lotus Root.  The garoupa was excellent but the okra (sin qua) and the lotus root were bland.

Overall the food was OK with the Oyster hot pot being the exceptional world class preparation.  Ocean also offers set dinners and we pondered ordering the Seafood set dinner, which in hindsight we probably should have chosen as so many other tables did.  I may return for the set dinner but most likely would pass returning for their standard menu items given that the GTA has so many more options to explore.  Prices are competitive.

Update April 10, 2012. Click here to read Revisit and Revisit 2 to Ocean Seafood.

Bathroom Cleanliness:  6.8/10

328 Highway 7 East, Unit 25-26 (at Chalmers Rd)
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P7.
(905) 889-0829

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