Saturday, January 28, 2012

Surabhi Indian Cuisine - Bloomington, MN

Surabhi states they offer authentic Northern, Southern, and Indian-Chinese cuisine.

When it comes to Indian food, I'm a neophyte but the constant stream of 90% plus Indian clientele told me the food must be either very good, authentic, according to comedian Russell Peters a good deal, or a combination of the three.  The customers and the bustling atmosphere were good signs that heightened the anticipation.  The buffet line was long but the young crowd shuffled through quickly (Ever notice how seniors drag the line contemplating what to scoop as well as moving at speeds just north of sloths?).

Starting at 10 o'clock and moving clockwise: Naan, puff ball?, chicken biyrani, goat curry, ?,  chicken manchuria, methu vada, methi chicken.

It's uncommon for goat to be served here. This was my first shot at goat and it had that slightly gamey taste of lamb and it was good enough for three rounds. It was the spiciest of entrees served lessening my ability to taste the other foods.

The methu vada (donut, lentil cakes) and the puff ball were deep fried carbs of comfort, better than the typical servings.

Starting at 11 o'clock and moving clockwise: Chicken tandoor, Palak Paneer, ?, chicken manchuria, goat curry, chicken biyrani, ?, pepper chicken.  The fried pepper chicken wasn't as spicy as the pictured claimed it to be. It was better than the tandoor chicken which was on the dry side.  The chicken manchuria offered a pleasing sweet mild and subtle citrus taste.

Goat curry, dosa, chicken manchuria, gulab jamoon, chicken biyrani, bondi or something like that? The tomato sauce is a dipping sauce for the dosa as well as many other foods.

Fruit custard, sambhar, and ?.  Sambhar is made with mixed vegetable chunks, lentils and tamarind.  It was OK with the sandy texture of the lentils present.

Kheer - rice pudding with raisin and nuts (cashew) - was a  wonderful warm sweet way to end the meal.

Service. If you surf the web, you will find many mentions of poor service. Today the service was decent. The table has a pitcher of tepid water. The host gives you a glass of water.  The staff comes by to pick up used dishes.  The staff aren't the warmest folks but they got the job done well.

Bathroom rating:  Didn't use

Cost was a sustainable $11.95/person for the buffet. They also have sit down menu service. I very much liked the food and would return.

Jan 28, 2012

517 West 98th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 746-3663

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  1. This was my go-to place for Indian food when I lived in Richfield. The weekday lunch buffet is probably less than the $11.95 you quoted, which I would guess is the weekend rate.