Friday, March 23, 2012

Ephesus Mediterranean Restaurant - Pittsburgh, PA

We arrived at Ephesus at night, walking down a desolate street. It was a good thing we had the address or we would have never found it.  Who would have thought a restaurant like Ephesus would be in office type building and on the mezzanine level?

So we walked into the building and it was just as desolate as the street.  We took the elevator up and walked into a shabby space that's more reminiscent of  1970's rundown rec room.  It looks dusty, old, and I wonder when the health inspector last visited.

My colleague decided he wanted to stay and so we ordered three Turkish meals.

I ordered the Lamb Shish Kabob. He ordered the Chicken Shish Kabob and the Mixed Grill that included the lamb, chicken, koefte (seasoned beef patties), and adana (hot and spicy round beef).  Pictured above is the Lamb in foreground and the Mixed is in back.

We watched the Turkish talk show on TV as we waited and waited and waited...

The Styrofoam boxes of entrees came out 30 minutes later followed by Styrofoam boxes of iceberg lettuce salad.  In each salad box was two little containers of salad dressing.  I only remember one of the dressings.  It looked like Italian dressing but it could have well been Turkish or their Home Made.  Whatever it was, it was too die for! Vibrant, garlicky, salty, oily - just yummy.

I used the dressing as a  dip for all the skewers.  It made the ordinary and dry meat come alive. I used the dressing as a dip for the bread (naan like, whatever the proper name is) which was an excellent accompaniment.

The food was truly better than I anticipated given the dive that this place is.  The food output was incongruous with the environment also taking into consideration the service was fair at best.

I won't be returning for the food but I would return to buy gallons of that heavenly dressing.

Bathroom: Was there one?

322 4th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 552-9020

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