Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poutini's House of Poutine - Toronto, ON, Canada

Afternoon Feb 19, 2012

We've been wanting to try poutine, Canada's national dish or the closest thing to it, for a number of years.  Finally after some planning, we were finally able to feast on this dish.

Toronto has a number of establishments offering poutine such as Smoke's Poutineri a couple kilometers east on Queen however reading what others had to say on the web and what others rank as best, right or wrong, we settled on Poutini's.

We had narrowed the choices to the Original and the BBQ Pulled Pork poutine and settled on the Pulled Pork.  Pictured above is the $7 size.  You don't get that much for the $7 cup. Order the $10 box because you almost get double the quantity.

Poutini's claims to use hand cut fries, squeaky curds, and real gravy. The details of the process are outlined on their website. 

The poutine ingredients do not individually stand out but blend together to form a comforting and fulfilling meal.  The pork was tender and had just the right amount of tartness and heat.  The curds melted under the pork and what little solid chunks remained were not squeaky.  The thick gravy worked well to gel all the ingredients. The fries were crispy, chewy, and soft all at the same time.  The poutine was synergy exemplified.

The one complaint I have about the poutine we had is the number of curds thrown into the cup. It just didn't seem like there was much there, maybe four or five curds at most.

Without question, I would return.  Only I'll be value conscious and order the large size.

1112 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
(647) 342-3732

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