Saturday, March 17, 2012

Six Penn Kitchen - Pittsburgh, PA

Six Penn offers eclectic New American food. It's a way of saying the food isn't cheap.

Soup of the day: Cream and brocoli. Smooth. The croutines were a nice treat.  It became too much after awhile.

It came down to either the Cracklin' Pork Shank or the Jamison Farm Lamb Bolognese ($26).  The waiter said his favorite item on the entire menu was the lamb so I went with that.  He said it is not lamb shank as most people would think but lamb shoulder that has been cooked for a long time until very tender. The bolognese includes fede pappardelle, roasted tomatoes, and feta cheese.

The lamb was moist and tender but just on the cusp of being stringy. It was very good but I wouldn't classify it as world class.  It lacked that something special to kick it into the stratosphere.  Also for my taste, the feta didn't work to compliment the lamb or the tomatoes but was a detracting ingredient that I pushed aside.

The service was decent and unintrusive.

Bathroom rating: Didn't use.

146 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 566-7366

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