Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zorba's - Pittsburgh, PA

I love a good gyro and in the Cultural District there are plenty of opportunities to chow down on gyros. The question is which eatery has the best gyro.  This would be my third gyro stop.

Zorba's opened at 11 AM and already there were customers in front of me and a line formed behind me as I scanned the menu board.

The gyro meat is not highly spiced or particularly infused with flavor. Like most of the food I've had in Pittsburgh, it leans on the bland side. The tzatziki sauce helps boost the flavor. The tomatoes were on the unripe side and the lettuce could have been shredded finer. A few more onions would have been nicer. The pita was the best part of the gyro.  I would rate the gyro good to very good.

Portion sizes are generous.  The service is fast and efficient but cold.

Bathroom rating: Didn't use.

400 Smithfield St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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