Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bayview Kitchen - Richmond Hill, ON

Bayview Kitchen sits on the south side of Major Mackenzie. Due north on the north side of Major Mac is Bayview Court Restaurant which means you may have to ask for clarification when you're talking to someone of going to either one.

Beef Chow Fun.   Bayview Kitchen continues to be a consistently good performer and offered this very competent and value priced dish.  While it did have off the charts wok hay flavor it was at a sufficient level and one that I wish I could cook.

Restroom Rating: 7.0


Kitchen has a small dining area albeit nowhere near hole in a wall small. When we arrived, we were fortunate enough to get a table.  The party arriving after had to wait.

We stuck with the lunch specials which includes soup and milk tea in the price.

Portuguese Chicken and Curry Beef. Both entrees were very good and brought smiles to all.  The rice in the Portuguese Chicken was not quite up to par, not stir fried. The creamy sauce made for a great mouth feel. The Beef Curry was infused with flavor and the beef was tender but with an ever so slight lean toward stringy. The amount of curry was just right for me to give a slight burn.

Beef and Bitter Melon. It was a little too heavy on the sauce and light on the beef and melon.  The melon wasn't bitter although other party members said it was.  It was slightly salty but that only means eat more rice. 

Bayview Kitchen offers big portions and good food for a very reasonable price.  That's why the placed is packed with value minded customers especially for lunch.  If you're in the area, Bayview Kitchen is definitely worth a stop and even being a regular frequent stop but it doesn't quite fall in the category of being a place to drive across the city to dine at.

Bathroom rating:  Didn't use.

815 Major Mackenzie Dr E Unit 12
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9X2, Canada
(905) 508-8288

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