Wednesday, April 25, 2012

House of Gourmet 满庭芳美食轩 - Toronto, ON

I have passed House of Gourmet countless times without giving it a second thought, having a preconceived notion it was an old dingy restaurant offering the usual traditional staples catering to the old school. To my surprise, it was clean and modern appearing to have been recently renovated. It also had a younger set clientele base including college students. The place was still packed despite it being late afternoon.

BBQ Pork and Rice is a staple posted on the wall menu and value priced.  The BBQ park was well marbled and flavored, hopefully a harbinger of the remaining dishes to arrive.

The Preserved Egg and Pork Congee if memory serves correctly.  This was another offering off the wall menu and was I ever glad we ordered it.  This was the best congee we had during our recent trek of the GTA. It was seasoned properly, had big chunks of egg, and had the perfect consistency and texture. I could eat this every day.

As good as the Congee was, the Young Chow Fried Rice with Shrimp and BBQ pork was even better!  This was a deliriously fantastic dish and we went into a feeding frenzy with its ecstasy inducing wok hay flavor. If I could cook even half as good as this, I would open up my own restaurant!

House Special Fried Noodles.  On its own, this dish would have been special but considering we had just gobbled most of the Young Chow Fried Rice, it fell short of the gold standard. It was very good but it was Scottie Pippen next to Michael Jordan.

House of Gourmet was a surprise on every front.  Clean and modern decor, affordable prices, big portions, good fast and nonintrusive service, quick food arrival, and most importantly fantastic tasting food.  Up to this point, this is now my favorite restaurant in this Chinatown.  There's no questioning I'll be back.

Bathroom Rating: Another surprise. It was clean, well light, and well maintained. The clients seemed to be hitting the mark.  8.0

484 Dundas Street West Toronto 
ON M5T1G9, Canada
(416) 217-0167

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