Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jade River Buffet 翠園 - Scarborough, ON

CLOSED 2013(?)

Driving along the Warden main drag, you would never be able to find Jade River.  It's located next to a Howard Johnson and even then you won't see the Howard Johnson off Warden. You will drive a distance on a private road to reach this destination.

Jade River offers a lot of variety including dim sum and sushi besides some of the more common fare. Most items were decent for a buffet. The sushi was unimpressive. As I review these pictures, I believe I was most impressed with the chicken feet. I see I didn't get seconds of anything from the first round.

The congee and cruller were bland.  The fried chicken was nice. The curry beef lacked depth of flavor and was stringy. The tofu at 11 o'clock was very good.  Some seniors piled on the prawns but for me they were flavorless and mushy.

We went on Thursday when the buffets are discounted 50% for seniors. The senior/non senior ratio was 7 to 1.  Some of those seniors were tough rude old birds pushing their way into line without regard to the first come first serve etiquette. 

For the money and the quality, Jade River is worth a revisit but don't go in with high expectations.

Bathroom Rating: 7.0. Clean but nothing extraordinary.

22 Metropolitan Rd
Scarborough, ON
(647) 694-1164

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