Monday, April 9, 2012

Maverick's Roast Beef - Roseville, MN

Roast Beef Sandwich.  Maverick's has been written up countless times and received much acclaim for its roast beef. I wasn't that impressed with the roast beef the first time.  This time the roast beef was better - thinner, more tender, juicier, and bit more infused with flavor but still not up to the hype.

Pulled Pork Sandwich. If the Roast Beef was ordinary, the pulled pork was less than average - dry, stringy, and flavorless.  I watched as the preparer took out a little plastic container of pulled pork, drained the juice, scoop out a handful, and then put it into the microwave to heat up. Really? I expect a microwave oven to be used at Burger King but I thought operations would be a little classier at Maverick's. I ate a Quiznos a month back and their pulled pork offering was leaps above this.

Prices have gone up since the first visit.  The total ran over $11 for the two sandwiches.

I've tried Maverick's twice to give it a fair shake but it really didn't do enough for me for a third go around.

First Visit

Maverick's two most notable offerings are the Roast Beef on white and the Beef Brisket on pumpernickel sandwiches, offered in small ($4.49) or large ($6.59). The difference between the small and large are a few ounces of meat. We choose a Large Roast Beef Combo ($6.59 plus $3.15 for fries and medium drink) and a Small Beef Brisket.

It seems Maverick's uses a lean cut essentially devoid of marbling for their roast beef. For those who favor the dry flavorless texture of chicken breast, this will be a homerun. The roast beef was lukewarm, lacking juiciness/moistness , and had little saturated flavor. I expect roast beef to stand alone and not to be doused by condiments for taste. The well stocked condiment bar has a myriad of options, and I scooped little cupfuls of giardiniera, raw onions, horsey sauce, banana peppers and tried various combinations to liven up the roast beef.

For what it was, the roast beef was good and quantum leaps above processed Arby's roast beef, but I expected more from a place that has received high accolades.

The Beef Brisket texture was what can be typically expected from brisket. The flavor, the lack of heat was again something the Midwest palate would appreciate.

1746 Lexington Avenue
North Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 488-1788

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