Monday, June 18, 2012

Korea Restaurant - Minneapolis, MN

Korea Restaurant is a dive and a hole in the wall. The interior is old and dingy. The owner's English is limited.  Service is essentially nonexistent.  But all that can be overlooked because the food is good and authentic and made with a care that only owners can impart.

We ordered the lunch specials off the wall menu.  In front is the Bibimbap and in the background is Bulgogi along with the banchan.

This was the first time I had Bibimbap.  It was a beautiful presentation of segregrated vegetables topped with a runny sunny side egg. It was a little bland but still tasty for what it was.

The Bulgogi, a national dish of Korea, had quite a bit more savory flavor and was our favored dish. Everybody seems to have their version of Bulgogi and this place was no different.

My only gripe was entree portion sizes could have been larger for the price. Overall however it was very good. This is another definite return destination.

Bathroom Rating: The restroom was cleaner and better kept than the restaurant interior. 7.1

211 Oak St SE 
Minneapolis, MN 55414
 (612) 746-0559

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