Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Screpesi's Sandwich Shop - Reading, PA

I imagined Screpesi's would have had a small eating counter but alas it did not.  I told the sandwich maker/cashier I was from out of town and that I had read good things about this place.  She replied the shop had been voted the best sandwich shop in the region, and the family has owned this business for 62 years.

I ordered the $7 dollar size Italian, pictured half eaten below, vs. the $6 size. You get about 4 inches more for a dollar.  I had both mild and spicy peppers added although the spicy wasn't that spicy.  I also ordered the local Good potato chips and the local A-Treat soda.

I had very high expectations as this was an east coast sub and judging by the mounds of ham and Italian cuts I can't identify and the mounds of onions, lettuce, and tomato.  How was it? To be frank, I was a little disappointed.  It was very good but it didn't have any distinctive or signature taste I imagined it would.  I was expecting a east coast sub to better than subs offered elsewhere in the US but this wasn't close to being the best I've had.

One thing I read on the internet about this place is true. The sandwich maker/cashier doesn't wash her hands between making the sandwich and handling the money. 

500 Lancaster Avenue
Reading, PA 19611
(610) 373-9913

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