Friday, July 27, 2012

Taqueria Las Palmitas - West Yellowstone, MT

The address is 21 N Canyon Street, West Yellowstone, MT. Blink and you'll miss this bus converted to a eatery.  The back half is the kitchen and the front half has short lengths of counter and benches to park your butt.

Burritos Macho and I forget what the other entree was.

Enchiladas Coloradas.

The food was more home cooking, authentic, and less Westernized than the typical American Mexican fare.  It was a little more bland reminding me of a Mexican friend's mom's cooking.  Many of the customers that dined in were Mexican so I guess the food must rate close to authentic.

The food left me neutral.  It was neither good nor bad but just a different from the usual fast food form of sustenance. For this touristy area, the food rates as a very good value. It's one of the few honest deals in town and a whole lot better the extortion airport prices the McDonald's in town was charging.

The drinks are expensive.

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