Friday, July 27, 2012

Woodside Bakery - West Yellowstone, MT

A great $7 Roast Beef sandwich made with the type of bread and all the fixings of your choice. The roast beef was shaved thin, moist, and tender. The cheese was right and not overpowering or stick to the roof of the mouth dry. The veggies served to add a crisp texture and added to the moistness. The croissant was light, flaky, and buttery. This was a fantastic fresh sandwich, one of the best I've had in a long time and good not only for a tourist town but just plain good.

The day old pastries sold for half price and were selling just as well as the just baked goods. The pastries were still fresh enough and provided the right amount of sweetness to offset the pungent sulfur springs.

This is a fantastic place period. It's open from early breakfast to mid afternoons.  The staff reminds me of the save the earth food co-op types. It a worthwhile stop in the touristy town.

17 Madison Avenue
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

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