Sunday, July 29, 2012

Corona Village - Mitchell, SD

Despite it being Sunday evening, the place was packed and we waited about 8 minutes for a table.   The staff all appeared to be Hispanic. The host wasn't the friendliest but the waiter was very professional, cordial, polite, and efficient.

Fajitas Burrito, Combo #1 Enchilada, Burrito something.  We didn't order the most authentic Mexican dishes so it wasn't any surprise that these tasted Mexican American.  Even so, the dishes were very tasty and none of us left disappointed.  The portions were huge.

Complimentary dessert

Overall a very nice place and a pleasant surprise for South Dakota.

Bathroom Rating: 7.2

1101 South Burr Street
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 996-9391

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