Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hibachi Sushi Chinese Buffet - Gillette, WY

Since Aztec Mexican Buffet was closed, we drove across the highway and stopped here.  The price of $10.49 including soda was ostensibly reasonable.  The host took our money and disappeared not be seen throughout the remainder of our meal except when another customer arrived.

The sushi was about a bit below par for a buffet.  The sushi consisted of long grain rice rather sushi rice.  The spring roll was acceptable. The dumpling skin was thick and the filling mealy.  The fried shrimp was worthwhile.

The honey chicken and the Korean chicken were very good. The Korean chicken was particular good with a mild tangerine peel flavor.

I needed my vegetables.  More honey chicken.  The chow mein and mei fun were OK.

For a Chinese buffet in the middle of Wyoming and for the price, this was an acceptable option.

Bathroom Rating: 7.1

2700 South Douglas Highway
Gillette, WY 82718
(307) 685-1888

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