Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chickie's and Pete's - Philadelphia International Airport PHL

The airport has two Chickie's and Pete's restaurants that I'm aware of.

Crab Fries.

The fries are decent, due to a medium thin cut, and are crispier than typical.  It tasted like it was sprinkled with a combination of Season-All and Cajun spices. The cook was heavy handed, over salting the fries.  It had little or no MSG because my throat wasn't parched and I wasn't begging the flight attendant for water. The accompanying dip was a slightly less salty version of Cheese Whiz.

If I'm being candid, I'd rather have Arby's Curly Fries. World famous? Maybe.  World class can't miss food? No.

On a follow up stop through the airport, I ordered their Famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak - made by Philadelphians.

The steak, onions, and the peppers were decent. The sandwich had ample meat albeit it was chopped more into the minute steak style usually offered at fast food establishments versus the bigger chunks offered at Pat's.

If the meat was good, the cheese was another story.That certainly did not taste like cheese.  If it was cheese, they were robbed as was I.  It took me a few minutes to pinpoint the taste and then struck me that it tasted like a canned clam chowder soup I've had with a pasty thick artificial paint like taste.  I eventually scraped the cheese off because it was so off putting. As such, this is one cheesesteak I won't be ordering again.

The cheese steak was a disappointment and so the thought was the Hot Pork Sandwich with Provolone would be likewise. However the Pork Sandwich turned out to be magnificient.  The pork was moist and tender but the taste actually difficult to discern with the sauce masking the flavor. It was supposed to be Provolone but it was more a sauce with a cheese base.  The sauce had a tinge of artificiality but nowhwere near as in the cheesesteak.  The roll was perfection.  Soft middle with a chewy exterior and it softened slightly from the juices of pork giving it that mushy consistency beginning to fall apart yet still intact.  I was happy with this one.

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