Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tortas Frontera By Rick Bayless - O' Hare International Airport ORD

With the name Rick Bayless it was a must try restaurant.

Why is the one I want to eat, the Pepito, also tends to be the most expensive? 

It was about a 7 minute wait for the Pepito and it was worth it.

The Pepito was incredible, undoubtedly the best airport food I've ever had.  Everything was just right about it from the toasted flatbread to the shortribs to the pickled jalapenos.   It was one of the best meals I've had this year.

I agree with the Chicago Tribune's assertion:  Finally a reason to get delayed in O'Hare.  I know where I'll be eating the next time I fly through.

Update 3/9/13

I had layovers twice since and each time I stopped here again.

Conchita Pibil. After the high of the Pepito, the Conchita was a major let down.  To paraphrase the old Wendy's commercial, "Where's the pulled pork?".  It was lacking meaty flavor and texture. The ginger was the overwhelming flavor.  I was warned the habenero salsa was very spicy.  I forgot the warning and took in too much causing my head to sweat.

The Cubano was much better but still not up to the level of the Pepito. The pork loin had a meatier and more prominent taste compared to the Conchita and worked nicely with the cheese and avocado. The ingredients worked well together to create a comforting torta.

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