Friday, December 7, 2012

Rose's Restaurant and Bakery - Portland International Airport PDX

Rose's has been a Portland institution first established in 1956 and offers an assortment of Reuben deli style sandwiches that weigh almost a pound each.  And they do.

The Original Reuben comprises sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, turkey, cheese, and corned beef.  I wrote the ingredients in that order reflecting the prominence of flavors.  Yes, despite a Reuben that should be prominent in corned beef flavor, this one's flavor was heavily masked.  The preparer slathered an over the top amount of sauerkraut that I had to scrape off as it was too tart and overpowering. 

After scraping off the kraut, the next flavor that came to surface was the turkey which had a soggy wet texture.  Yes, the turkey still was more prominent that the corned beef. I had to take a bite of corned beef alone to get a sense of its flavor and it was about as mild as it could get. 

The Reuben is bordering on Man vs. Food proportion, cut into three sections.  Get it if you're after volume.  If you're a Reuben freak, this one is a disappointment.

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