Monday, December 3, 2012

Sidelines Restaurant - Portland, OR

We were at Sidelines because it was a quick walk from the hotels and it was one of the very few non-fast food  restaurants within walking distance. Reportedly Sidelines was under new management and the menu had been revamped.

It was bustling the evening of our visit with many people coming in for drinks.  TV screens surrounded the restaurants.  I couldn't tell if most people were visitors like us staying in the nearby hotels or if they were locals.

This posting is a delayed in writing so I don't recall specifically what I had here but it was a hot sandwich and I was trying to eat healthier. I know for sure it wasn't a burger.  Obviously it didn't leave much of an impression and it didn't make much of an impression while eating.  The sandwich was flat and bland, average at best.

Portland is a foodie town.  Go out and explore.

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