Monday, January 7, 2013

Petite Provence - Portland, OR

Update Dec 2013

Petite Provence sometime in 2013 transitioned from large plate dishes to small plate/tapas dishes. These were some of the tapas dishes offered.

Sliders. Some sort of salad.

Jan 2013

When I asked a waitress at another restaurant where to eat, one of the recommendations was Petite Provence. Petite Provence is located in the Alberta Arts district, a trendy diverse and hipster neighborhood and Petite seemed to fit right into this culture.

It was a typical drizzly evening.  It was still relatively early in the evening and Provence was light on customers.

The waitress was dressed and tattooed in typical Portland fashion.  After putting in the order she brought a plate of bread with a vinegar, oil, and garlic dip.  I don't know what type of bread it was but it was hardy and chewy and it combination with the garlicky dip was an addictive combination requiring great will power on my part not consume all.

Beef Bourguignon with spaghetti was the special of the evening that I decided upon.  The beef was sufficiently tender and well saturated with flavor expected out of this dish.  The dish was comforting, satisfying, and seasoned just properly.  The bacon provided a smokey and slightly crunchy contrast.  The garlic bread was crispy chewy and provided the right complement to the flavors of the stew.

This was the evening special. I forget the name of the fish but let's call it fish with mustard and caper cream sauce. The fish was similar in to cod in taste and texture (was it cod?) and decent enough but it was the creamy tart sauce that made this dish sing. The quinoa patty was fantastic nutty, savory, oniony, with a comforting mouth feel, and it alone could have been the main dish.  The broccolini was a side and a contrast to cleanse the heavier feel of the patty.

A tempting selection of desserts to lighten your wallet and fatten Provence's.

An opportunity to fatten the waist.  They have names for everything. I forget what they call this. Chocolaty inside with a lemon layer.

Restroom Rating: 7.2

1824 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211

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