Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Honey Jar Cafe - Portland, OR

What would you expect walking into an eatery named Honey Jar Cafe?  Breakfast, lots of sweets and carbohydrates, maybe even a lot of honey laced items?  Well you would be somewhat right. They serve doughnuts which shouldn't come as any surprise but what is surprising is that this family run restaurant serves Thai food.

This eatery in a strip mall in a relatively desolate area of northwest Portland isn't a place the tourists hang out but I can tell you that shortly after 11:30 AM on  a weekday, this place was packing in the locals.

After scanning the lengthy menu, I went with the easy go to offering of Pad Thai.  Order at the counter and pay.  Grab a table and wait for someone from the kitchen to bring the plate to you.  What they put before you is huge. The picture can't do it justice.  Seriously, it can serve easily serve two and both people will be completely full.  The Pad Thai itself leaned on the sweet and tart side rather that the savory and spicy side.  It was satisfactory but not earth shattering.  Still I can see how the locals come here for good food and very capable and friendly service.

While you sit at the table working away at your meal, one of the family members gives serves you a doughnut to stretch your stomach further.

One thing that needs work is the bubble tea.  The tapioca beads were undercooked and chewy while the drink was too sweet, almost cloying after working halfway through.

Bottom line:  Good food.  Friendly giving service. A place to add to the lunch rotation.

13810 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97230
(503) 254-2135

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