Friday, December 28, 2012

Kom Jug Yuen Restaurant - Toronto, ON

Kom Jug Yuen located in Old Chinatown proclaims to have the best BBQ Pork (Char Siu) in North America.  The restaurant even hangs a plaque presented by the mayor stating so.  So is it the best?

The restaurant is a definite dive.  It's old and shabby with equally old furniture.  It has low ceilings and the wall are covered with papers screaming the numerous and individual food options.  Everything is in need of steam cleaning.  A new coat of paint would do wonders.

Take out was our option as time was limited.  Of course the main draw was the BBQ pork.  One thing that sets Kom's BBQ apart from their competition is the sauce that coats the pork.  Most do not have a clingy sauce on their pork. Would the sauce help or detract?

Let's get right to the addressing their claim of being the best.  I've had BBQ pork in many places in North America as well other parts of the world.  I would be at a lost to say how many I've had but I'm estimating over 50, each with its own way of preparing the pork.  I can say that this for my taste is the best I've had.  The flavor is savory and sweet and saturated to the core.  The cut is the proper ratio of meat and fat keeping the meet moist and tender.  It's an overall great textural and taste sensation for the BBQ lover.  The one thing I didn't like was the sauce itself. It borders almost on slimy but once the tongue works past it into the meat, the sublime taste and textural explosion unfolds.

While the BBQ pork is in the upper class, the same can't be said for their BBQ ribs.  It seems the same sauce is used on the ribs but it doesn't work.  In this case, the slimy characeteristic of the sauce just seems to make the ribs slimy. I like bark on my ribs and the sauce seems to dissolve or prevent the formation of bark on the ribs.  I'll pass on the ribs.

Restroom Rating:  Didn't use

371 Spadina Ave 
Toronto, ON, Canada

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  1. Wow best one! The food pictures made me crazy for good food. Love it. I am going to Toronto and will love to visit there soon. Can any one tell me of a Toronto restaurant guide to know more about this place and its food?