Sunday, February 24, 2013

Michael's Frozen Custard - Madison, WI

The comparison between Michael's, a local chain of four restaurants, and Culver's is inevitable so we'll cut right to the chase.  While the name is Custard, I was here for the burger.  Whereas Culver's offers numerable variation of the burger, Michael's is limited to seven.

The burger is a nice presentation for fast food, especially at $5 for the basket including a can of soda.

The bun is light fluffy and feels ready to fall apart if the guts of the burger were heavier. The sesame is a nice touch. Culver's buns are pedestrian. This is a tie.

The toppings of tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles, mustard and ketchup are well assembled and surprisingly fresh. It feels homey. Culver's toppings feels standard issue.   Michael's wins the toppings department.

The patty is thin, flat, absent any grill taste, gray, non-memorable, and gets lost.  Culver's offers an equally thin patty but tastes fresher, with nice charring, and a denser full flavored beef taste. The easy winner in the patty department is Culver's.

The overall burger winner is Culver's because it's all about the beef.

I had planned to buy custard but at $3.89 for a cup, the money stayed in my wallet.  To use the 50's lingo in line with the decor, price point Daddy O.

Restroom Rating: 7.1

3826 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI 53716

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