Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mystic Lake Buffet - Prior Lake, MN

The Twin Cities aren't the tourist destination as Las Vegas but Mystic Lake Buffet's proximity to the urbane cities necessitates a polish above the standard buffet and offers options that make it the best buffet in the area.

In no particular order, the foods I tried:
  1. Roast beef - about the same as found at the competition.
  2. Broccoli rabe - a nice kick.
  3. Sea bass - it was so good I went back for thirds.
  4. Grouper - it too was so good I went back for thirds.
  5. Coquille St. Jacques Au Gratin - the scallops were huge, plentiful, and cooked to perfection, thirds also.
  6. Smoked/grilled salmon - too dry, overcooked.
  7. Mahi-mahi - rough and flavorless
  8. Chinese spare ribs - for me cloying and with the flavor only on the surface.
  9. Vietnamese meatball - meh
  10. Vegetarian lo-mein - unexpected and surprisingly flavorful
  11. Pork spring/egg roll - decent, comparable to what's usually offered in the TC
  12. Wild rice soup - I still think Panera's serves the best but this was just about as good
  13. Curry chicken wild rice salad - very enjoyable, if I hadn't eaten so much by this point, I would have had more.
  14. Artichoke hearts - good and not so tart
  15. Wood fired buffalo pizza - Punch's has nothing to worry about
  16. Rigatoni Alla Norma - very nice flavor
  17. Pork loin - dry
Just so you don't think I'm a pig (nothing wrong with that though), I did hold back. This above list is probably about 20% of their offerings.

Desserts. Lemon mouse cheesecake and chocolate cream roulade are pictured. We also tried the seasonal berry and pineapple passion cakes. These were split so we all had little nibbles. Usually I find desserts too sweet. These were all made to perfection in sweetness. The cheesecake wasn't world class but I would glad to be able to make it this good. The roulade was equally excellent, with the right amount of sweetness and cream. I could have had a lot more to eat but at this point I was trying to contain myself. I was content and not overly stuffed.

This is the best buffet in the TC. The worst part: Too many smokers. Too far of a drive.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd
Prior Lake MN

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