Saturday, February 9, 2013

Norske Nook Bakery and Restaurant - Osseo, WI

This is the full service restaurant and bakery as opposed to the coffee and gift shop across the street. Here you get the full selection of both whole pies as well as slices.

Cars are parked all around the block leading me to believe it was packed with tourists yet when I walked in, it was full of grannies - staring, judgmental, haughty grannies.  The hostess fit the mold also. No smile, no warmth. Where are the guys? Where are the tourists?  I had read the restaurant food wasn't so good but the pies were great.  The presence of Midwest grannies and none else was leading me to believe the food was bland... but I shouldn't assume.      

It wasn't the food but the pies that interested me.  This was a berry and cream cheese pie. I forgot the exact name of this pie.  Appearance wise, one of the berries appeared to be blackberry.  This pie was great - perfectly sweet, just a tinge of tartness, rich, creamy, and a nice crust that complemented the filling.  This was eaten all too soon. I'd love to have a whole pie.

The apple pie is always the challenge.  The pie crust wasn't as flaky as I expected but still very good. The true surprise was how tart the filling was. I had expected a sweeter less tart version. The apple filling itself was otherwise perfect in terms of the moisture level and the applies were cooked to perfection neither mushy or crunchy.  Good but not a ribbon winner.

13804-7th Street  
Osseo, WI 54758

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  1. Yup, that's exactly right. The women are indeed Norwegian, which can be confused with "cold." The guys are probably across the street drinking coffee.

    Except for the ones with nondairy topping, I think their pies are great. Glad you went!

    1. Wow, that's a pretty accurate picture...the guys are across the street drinking coffee.

      So stick with the pies with cream?

  2. Neat! :) Avoid anything with white stuff on top. To me it always tastes like fake cream.

    For more on the pies: