Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cosetta's Italian Market and Pizzeria - St Paul, MN

Cosetta's has a deli/pasta line and a pizza line. Each time I've been here for lunch, the deli line has been long. Today, the deli/pasta line was outrageous at about 40 plus people deep from the counter snaking around one side of the restaurant, turning 90 degrees and ending just inside the door.

Maybe one day I'll know if a wait in the deli/pasta line is worthwhile but today it would be pizza again - a slice of thin crust Sausage pizza ($3.65). The pizza was well balanced and good not because of what if offers but rather for what its missing - excess grease, cheese, and salt. The crust near the center was a little too soft most likely wilted from its own steam. The crust around the rim was chewy and satisfying, offering a nice textural change from the soft center. The sausage was just right in amount, texture, and taste. In terms of size, if you follow the advice of eating slowly, it's the right amount.

Cosetta's pizza is steps above the chain restaurant pizza and it's one of the better pizzas around the cities.

Restroom Rating:  7.0

211 West 7th
St Paul, MN

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