Monday, March 11, 2013

Exeter Family Restaurant - Reading, PA

Exeter Family Restaurant was packed with customers, more so than I had anticipated. Judging by the steady stream, it is popular with the locals.

Oceania Scampi. Broiled flounder, sauteed shrimp but certainly not jumbo, sea scallops, and lump crab meat in a lemon garlic butter sauce.

The immediate impression when the entree arrived was that I was being served food on a dirty unwashed plate. Note the plate edges. A instant later I realized it wasn't dirt but the plate had scrape marks assumingly from frequent and heavy fork contact. At $19, I would believe they would toss this overly used plate.  I would expect management and the cook to have enough pride and care to use presentable plates.

The positive. The scallops were nicely browned, cooked properly, and had some taste.  The flounder was also cooked properly.

The negative.  The shrimp was overcooked, hard, and dry. The lump crab was overcooked and a touch stringy. The crab was overly salty. The butter was the predominant flavor and became overwhelming.I guess it shouldn't have come as a total surprise that it was drowned in butter considering its description says butter sauce but I was expecting a butter based sauce not pure melted butter.

Overall, for the money it was a disappointment.

Restroom Rating: Didn't use

4800 Perkiomen Ave
Reading, PA 19606

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  1. Most people visit a diner for diner food, and hands down this place has the best. It's breakfast can't be beat. If I'm looking for perfectly cooked seafood I tend to go to a seafood restaurant, not the diner down the street. It's not an upscale restaurant. Seems to me the consumer needs to make smarter decisions when ordering and have standards that suite the surroundings.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Exeter is a family restaurant not just a diner. They've won best restaurant awards so I would have higher expectations. Exeter offers an eclectic selection including a myriad of seafood offerings. I didn't go to Exeter expecting perfect seafood but when the Oceania Scampi is written up in the newspaper as well as recommended by the waitress, I am expecting better and especially with a $20 price tag.

  2. Food Cruiser,

    I know we are late to reply, but we have just stumbled upon this. Thanks for visiting our restaurant! The good news, we did finally ditch those heavy square "modern" plates. We appreciate the critical yet very informative review you have given us, as we always use them to further better ourselves. Next time you're in town, please contact me ( as I would love to invite you in to try a few samples of entrees we serve here to give you more of a taste of what we have to offer. I think you would be surprised and it would justify the reason we were voted "best Diner" by Berks County Living Magazine 4 years in a row. We also hope you found the service to be great, restrooms/building clean and our enormous salad bar fresh and appetizing!. Thank you again!

    VP of Operations
    Exeter Family Restaurant