Friday, December 7, 2012

French Meadow Bakery Cafe - Minneapolis St Paul International Airport MSP

Three layovers in Minneapolis gave me three opportunities to try French Meadow.  The first time I stop in, I tried the Grilled Rachel, which is one of the worst assembled quality restaurant sandwiches I had ever bought.  I vowed never again but broke it and tried the Chicken Breast sandwich, which was on the other end of the spectrum and one of the top ranking airport meals I've had.

This is the Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich that made me do a 180 on French Meadow.  Wonderful flavorful and moist.

I figured I should give the Grilled Rachel another shot and I was glad I did.  It's all in the preparation and the cook on duty put some effort into it the preparation unlike the perfunctory first cook. This was grilled rather merely slapped together.

It's a little pricey but then its airport food.


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