Friday, March 15, 2013

Fuddruckers - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW

Fuddruckers located in Terminal C with a limited restaurant selection was an easy choice for me as it had been over a decade since I had a Fuddruckers burger.  My impression then was that it was a great burger.  Point to the slab of meat you want behind the display case.  They take it and grind it for you and 15 minutes later, they bring it to your table.  Go to the condiment bar and top it the way you like.

It didn't work that way here being in an airport. Make your selection at one of the computer kiosks and pay. Await your number to be called. Then pickup and go to the condiment bar.  I ordered the Original  Burger with 1/3rd lb patty and Cheddar cheese.

My first impression at pickup was less than positive. I expected a thick slice of Cheddar cheese, either partially or fully melted.  Instead the cheese was a thin layer of what appeared to be poured on cheese.  I don't expect to be able to pockets of meat poking through the cheese.

I went with the condiments shown but in hindsight should have added mustard and ketchup. The patty was well done as can be expected for health and safety reasons given the setting.  Still it was moist enough. The meat was a finer grind leading to a soft patty. The patty was bland but I had expected there to be enough cheese to salt the patty.  The crunchy condiments served as a cool contrast to the hot patty. The soft white bun soft was lightly buttered and toasted and would have crumbled if it held anymore weight or if the filling was wetter.

This Fuddruckers isn't what I remembered.  Still they have a better burger that the more ubiquitous chains.

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