Friday, December 28, 2012

Nguyen Huong Food Co. - Toronto, ON

Unlike many Chinatown restaurants that seem to change as often as underwear, Nguyen Huong is an institution having been around since 1986. This location gets brisk business and has had a steady stream of customers every time I've gone in.  We always bought prepackaged food items and held off on the bahn mi sandwiches. That is until now.

This is the Vietanmese Assorted Sandwich or Banh Mi Thap Cam, the most basic and lowest cost banh mi they offer.  The baguette was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The meats were bland and fattier than I am accustomed to with an greasy texture.  I like the vegetable fillings of cilantro and pickled carrots and diakon and this one didn't have enough to suit my taste. It was a decent enough banh mi but ranks no where near the best banh mi sandwiches I've had.  Maybe I should have tried one of their more expensive offerings like the BBQ pork.

322 Spadina Avenue
Toronto , ON , M5T2E7

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