Sunday, March 31, 2013

Culver's - Michigan City, IN

En route to Chicago we stopped off in Michigan City to fill up with gas to bypass the highway robbery gas prices of  the Chicago oases  We also stopped at a rapidly becoming ubiquitous Culver's for a quick bite. Much like McDonald's, you pretty much know the level of food you'll be getting because it is standardized.

These are Double Cheeseburger Deluxes.  The claim is the beef is fresh, never frozen. Burgers are made after the order is entered and come hot to your table.  These were especially good, hot, cheesy, beefy, contrasting nicely with the cool tomato, snappy onion, and crispy lettuce. The bun was decent if pedestrian. I'll stop in any day at Culver's over the Big Three burger joints.

As a side note to self, I always thought gas in Indiana was cheaper than in Michigan and Illinois.  Not today. It was more expensive. Michigan City gas was priced a whopping $3.85 whereas the gas at a Chicago oasis was $3.75.  Ticked me off!

Restroom Rating: 6.8

3967 N Frontage Road
Michigan City, IN

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