Friday, December 28, 2012

Dumpling House - Toronto, ON


The name could be a little more memorable but Dumpling House is apropos.  Dumpling House is a family owned restaurant with I'll assume mom making the dumplings and daughter working the one person wide main aisle way as the waitress.  Service and preparation is on the slow side but I would expect it to pick up as both learn their trade.

Leek and Pork Dumpling, Fried Rice Cakes with Pickled Greens, Fried Silver Roll.  We ordered takeout and even though all were reduced to lukewarm when we arrived home, it was all still very decent and competitive for the GTA.  The dumpling skins were just a tad thick but the filling was tender and savory. The pickled greens nicely offset the heaviness of the sticky rice cakes. The fried silver roll was crispy outside with a warm soft inside.  Prices were competitive.

A lot of restaurants turn over East Chinatown but here's hoping Dumpling House makes it and remains for a long time.

 619 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON

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