Friday, March 15, 2013

Earl of Sandwich - Philadelphia International Airport PHL

The Earl is a regional chain that I've been wanting to try. While I had planned to order the Original 1762, what came out of my mouth was Earl's Club and I didn't realize it until I heard the customer after me ask for the Original.

But not all was lost as I loved my Grandma's club sandwich and having one, especially a good one always brings to mind nostalgic thoughts of Grandma.  A few minutes later my number was called.  Let's say this Club Sandwich is nowhere as beautifully assembled as that on the display board so already I faced a disappointment.

No, Earl's Club wasn't like Grandma's club but it was good enough to bring back thoughts of  Grandma's and for me to mentally compare Earl's and Grandma's.  Earl's bakes their own bread, straying from the classic toasted white bread.  Breaking tradition here was good as the crunchy crust and soft interior of the bread better highlights the turkey and toppings.  The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh. The turkey was piled on thick but is traditional processed turkey meat rather than the real thing. The bacon didn't stand out but the sandwich spread did, giving it a nice tang.

Revisit Jan 2014

Original 1762. It was better than I expected despite it sloppy appearance and better than the Club. Smooth, creamy, moist, with a painful nose clearing but wonderfully biting horseradish.

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