Thursday, April 11, 2013

Joe's Farm Grill - Gilbert, AZ

Was Joe's Farm Grill wildly popular before it was featured on a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or did the exposure up the long lines to crazy long?  I can't say as I became aware of Joe's Farm Grill only because I was in search of great burgers in Phoenix and thus a visit was mandatory.  Even though the queue was long, it moved at a comparatively brisk pace.

The Fontina Burger

These guys  know how to assemble a plate for visual appeal. The burger topping to patty ratio weighed too much in favor of the toppings. The toppings didn't overwhelm the patty but did take center stage, allowing the flavor of the thin medium rare patty to only occasionally peek through. Each bite was different, each topping taking turns being prominent - one bite the mushroom, the next bite the fontina, the next the pesto, etc.  The thin patty didn't shine and was bland with too infrequent hints of grilled beefiness.
  • Bun:  Buttered grilled bun.
  • Toppings: Roasted red pepper, grilled mushrooms, field greens, farm made pecan pesto; pickles, tomatoes, and red leaf lettuce on the side.
  • Cheese:  Imported fontina cheese
  • Meat: 6 oz local, fresh ground chuck
  • Price: $9.49
  • Rating: 8.1. 

The Onion Rings according to the menu are hand breaded in rosemary dill Panko.  On the positive, these were the crispiest non-soggy, non-greasy yet not overcooked rings I have ever had.  On the other hand, these were disappointingly bland. I picked up the slightest hint of rosemary but only because the menu pointed it out.

The Boylan Ginger Ale was top notch with a bite leaning more toward ginger beer than the standard ginger ale.

This is one more example of the Food Channel shilling again. It was definitely good but didn't live up to the hype.  Joe's Farm Grill was nice to try but I wouldn't go out of my way again to dine here.  It was slightly on the expensive side with a modest return on investment.

Restroom Rating:  7.5.  Quite clean and well kept up despite the traffic.

3000 E Ray Rd
Gilbert, AZ

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