Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shady Maples Smorgasbord - East Earl, PA

Think of Shady Maple as an Old Country Buffet on steroids with a heavy Amish influence.  Menus change nightly.  The quality and taste of the food ranges from below par to very good but mostly good.  I wish the desserts were smaller so I could sample more.

The buffet line is about 200 ft long.

Prime Rib.  Decent quality.

Roast beef, liver, stuffed cabbage, corned beef and cabbage. The stuffed cabbage was good.

Coconut shrimp, Havard Beets, Lima beans, sweet potato with nuts.  All were unexpectedly good.

Amaretto cake, cheesecake.  Much better than offered at Old Country buffet.

Great chicken wings.  I was stuffed otherwise I would have gone back for more.

Restroom Rating: 8.0.  Amazingly clean considering the traffic.  Modern. Looks like management cares.

129 Toddy Drive
East Earl, PA
(717) 354-8222

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