Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tsui Xiang Tsuen - Mississauga, ON

In the food court alongside other food stalls, Tsui stood out with a line well after the lunch hour rush. Tsui offers a huge variety of dishes coming in huge portions at satisfying low prices.

Fok Kin Fried Rice. This was a decent version and probably would rate very good for Mississauga but it didn't have the wok hay flavor expected in the GTA.  If you can't provide the flavor, satisfy the customer with quantity.

Satay Sauce Seafood Ho Fun ordered very mild. That was what the SO wanted and it arrived so mild that essentially the individual ingredient's raw flavor, especially the bean sprouts, stood out.   It had potential that was lost as it was made to order.

888 Dundas Street E
Mississauga, ON

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