Saturday, April 13, 2013

El Pastor - Madison, WI

I've driven by many times past El Pastor in this quiet unassuming building seeing a semi-filled not packed parking lot.  Still it piqued our curiosity and finally the timing was right for us to give it a try.

Pollo Burrito stuffed with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and cheese.  It was capable not extraordinary, lacking spiciness and deeply infused flavor.

Lengua Beef Tongue Taco with onion and cilantro. The onion and cilantro lacked the just picked out of the garden fresh zest. I was expecting an explosion of Mexican spices and bite from the tongue but instead was very mild.

Bistec Chimichanga. Again capable but not outstanding. It didn't distinguish itself from the competition.

Caldo de Borrego.  I was disappointed with this dish having only two slightly bigger than golf ball sized pieces of lamb. It contained more potatoes and carrots than lamb. At $10, it should have contained at least four or five pieces.  The lamb was moderately tender but lacked flavor. I repeatedly dipped the lamb back into the broth for a spicy kick.

The waiter provided good service but the bland tasting food left us wanting.

Restroom Rating:  7.1

2010 S Park St
Madison, WI

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